Др Срђан Ђорђевић




Date of birth: 7 Febrary 1968

Place of birth: Niš

Citizenship: Serbian

Family status: married, 2 children


1994 Electronic Engineering B.S. degree. (Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš , Yugoslavia)

2001 Electronic Engineering M.S. degree. (Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš , Yugoslavia) “ A new hierarchical approach to large circuit symbolic simulation ”

2011 Electronic Engineering PhD degree. (Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Niš , Yugoslavia) –  Novi topološki pristup simboličkoj analizi elektronskih kola (A new topology oriented approach to symbolic analysis of electronic circuits)

Истраживачко искуство

2002- “Development of Device and System for Power Measurements and Management in Industry” funded by Ministry of Science of Serbia under the cipher IT.01.076B .

1996-2000 “Integrated Circuit Design Automation”.

Main areas: Circuit Analysis, Symbolic Circuit Analysis.

Main results: support for the first t he first Yugoslav symbolic simulator.

Наставничко искуство

1.2.2002 – Teaching Assistant at the Electronics Department of the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis , Yugoslavia/Sebia. Courses at graduate studies: Electronics 1


Author of 50 publications, classified as:


  • International conference (full) – 16
  • National conference – 17
  • Invited lecture on national conference – 1
  • Invited article in national journal – 1
  • Article in eminent international journal – 1
  • Article in international journal – 5
  • MSc thesis – 1
  • Technical solution for national project – 4
  • Educational publication – 2
  • International conference (partial) – 1
  • International journal promoted by authorities – 1


English: read, write and speak

German: Read and Write


Computer Aided Design of Electronic Circuits, Electronic Circuits Simulation and Optimization, Symbolic Simulation.